Who are Workplace Rats? What are their tactics?

    Employees who perpetrate fraud through stealing in the workplace have been labelled as “Workplace Rats” in a new book, which has just been released to the public.  The book which admits that poor business model and financial management contribute to business failures specifically identified stealing as a major cause of bankruptcy in organisations.  

    The book asserts that some employees and executives within the lowest and highest rung of the organizational ladder are pilfering, who often exploit any cavity within the system to generate unearned income for selfish ends.  It refers to such employees as Workplace Rats.

    The book which reveals motives, schemes, intrigues and tactics deployed by fraudulent employees to rip off employers, also contains ways and how organisations can prevent Workplace Rats from executing their dishonest and unethical practices at the workplace.

    Written by Dr Michael Owhoko, renowned author and journalist, the book is entitled, Workplace Rats.  It was published by Exceller Books, and it is currently on sale on Amazon, Banes and Nobles and major bookstores worldwide.   

    “Fraudsters in organisations are likened to rats at the workplace because they leave in their trail, the destruction of valuables and capital through fraud and unethical practices, resulting in most times, bankruptcy or liquidation.  Like rats, their actions invoke pain as they never add value to anything.  Wherever rats are found, there is a complete threat to material order.  They destroy by consuming all valuables within sight”, Owhoko disclosed in the new book. 

    According to him, “Like rats, there are people in organizations whose only motive is to perpetuate selfish agenda through methods that advance their interests, even if it is at the expense of the organization. They have a prick-proof conscience that does not respond to malevolence, attendant destruction, losses and pains resulting from their actions.”

    The author said further that Workplace rats are not limited to employees alone.  “They are also found among entrepreneurs, business executives, politicians and top government functionaries, including civil and public servants.” 

    Indeed, the book is a must-read not only for entrepreneurs, business leaders, government officials and business influencers but for all Nigerians with the potential to establish their own businesses in the country. 

    About the Author

    Dr Michael Owhoko is a Lagos-based journalist and author who has mostly worked in the banking, oil and gas, and media industries where he held senior and management positions. He earned degrees in political science and mass communications, and he is the author of The Language of Oil & Gas; Career Frustration in the Workplace; Nigeria on the Precipice: Issues, Options and Solutions; The Future of Nigeria; and Feminism: The Agony of Men. He can be reached at