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    Osimhen won’t join Manchester United – Napoli coach, Spalletti says

    Napoli head coach, Luciano Spalletti has ruled out the chances of Victor Osimhen joining Manchester United from the Italian club. 

    Osimhen has been linked with Manchester United who are willing to offer €100m and Cristiano Ronaldo on loan with most of his salary paid.

    “He wants to play the Champions League with this (Napoli) squad,” Spalletti told DAZN.

    “Osimhen gave his response, via his agent, saying he wants to play the Champions League and he wants to play it with this squad.”

    On whether he will change his starting lineup ahead of his side’s game against Lecce on Wednesday, Spalletti said, “I have not changed the starting XI because they did very well. If there are no problems, I see no reason to change.

    “The issue of squad rotation will be later when we have a game every three days.

    Speaking about Osimhen’s contributions to the club, he said;

    “He cares about his teammates, he chases down opposition players to help out and is a very strong focal point in attack. Having him at our disposal with that mentality is the best we could ask for.”

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