Wife got pregnant but she didn’t know the husband had Vasectomy (a form of birth control plan for men)

    A woman, identity withheld, has happily told her husband she is pregnant only to hear the shocking story of her life: her husband had vasectomy, a form of birth control plan for males, but he did not tell her.

    The man, identity also withheld, secretly got the procedure done to know if his wife was faithful to him, and it turned out she was not, the video trending on Twitter showed when the man confronted his wife and revealed that he got a vasectomy and now, the woman is pregnant with a baby.

    The man immediately rejected the pregnancy, saying it is not his own, insisting that the wife got pregnant outside her marriage without knowing that he would find out.

    Due to the vasectomy, the man became unable to get any woman pregnant but kept his decision secret because he did not trust his wife and wanted to know if she was faithful.

    In a trending video, the man revealed to his wife that he could not get her pregnant and wanted to know the father of the baby she was carrying.

    The woman was enraged after finding out that her husband got the procedure done secretly.

    She emphasised that they had been trying to have a baby for four years, and all her husband considered was getting a vasectomy.

    When she asked if her husband would accept and love the baby she was carrying, the man refused and said the pregnancy was not his and, therefore, the baby could not be his.

    The video was posted on Twitter by @peladexn. Watch the video clip below:

    Some observers, however, blamed the man for getting a vasectomy without his wife’s consent.