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Monday, September 27, 2021

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    The state of Nigerian Universities today – man cries

    Our boys whom we sent to the Universities to study are now living in hotels doing Yahoo, defrauding people. They are not studying. They are sorting.

    Bribing lecturers for pass. They only come into the campus with convoy once in a while to show off. Guess what? Some lecturers are even worshipping them.

    Our teenage sons are now driving Benz in the university. They are now the latest boys in campus. The houses our sons are living in the university are now flats and duplexes as against the self-contained we used to know.

    Well furnished and more beautiful compare to room of some state governorsOur sons are all married in the university but single at home. Girls crawl around them… living with them, cooking for them, doing all sort of things with them…These girls are our daughters whom we sent to the university to study.

    They are in every clubs and hotels….they are in every front cars, fastening seatbelt, snapping and moving their lips like ndị ogbi.My recent research in Nigerian universities opened my eyes to the recent ugly reality.

    I wept for the future.These are teenagers not even adults.Guess what?We still see them as children who know nothing.I don’t want to mention names of hotels in Nsụka, Ọka, Delta, Owere, Calabar, etc you will see your sons and daughters.

    They have been living there for months. Nobody is going to school. Who school help? Don’t you get it? Those teenagers— boys and girls are abusing drugs. Fa na-ese gwoogwo n’igbo. Not just igbo but cocaine and tramadols.

    I have boarded a vehicle with a young girl in UNN who had some crack (cocaine) in her purse. Because she’s too beautiful, police that stopped us to search didn’t search her but searched us all. On the way, she brought it out, gently fix some into her nose and threw the little remaining substance through the window.

    I remained deaf and dumb until I got to my destination and paused, she paused; both of us paused.Who will save this generation??? Unfortunately, they are the leaders of tomorrow….. There is huge task ahead of us.

    We must salvage our Nation lest she slides into precipice of no return.


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