VIDEO: Did FG abandoned Igbo people stranded in Sudan and repatriated only northerners ?

    The following video recorded in Igbo language shows Igbo people stranded in war-torn Sudan.

    According to the poster, the Nigerian government only airlifted their own.

    Watch video clip below:

    In the words of an observer, “President Muhammadu Buhari has really destroyed this country.”

    Another observer, @PIDOMNIGERIA, tweeted:

    “Abike Dabiri is a tribal bigot. I pity Geoffrey Onyeama, who is just a ceremonial foreign Affairs minister.
    Man is too weak for my liking. He cannot stand his grounds to take some critical actions. Just imagine how they sidelined & abandoned Igbo’s intentionally in Sudan to die.”

    He added: “How can Abike Dabiri & her useless NIDCOM be selective of which Nigerian to evacuate & which to abandon in Sudan to die. I was informed that no single Igbo person has left Sudan. They asked Igbo traders to rush to the closest university in Khartoum, so as to be evacuated by FG.”

    Meanwhile, according to official sources, Sudan has descended into a civil war, as per the United Nations and it is degenerating into a tribal warfare.

    According to a source, it has become potentially more dangerous and ferocious than even Ukraine.”