“Our secret to Our Overwhelming Success” – Bishop Oyedepo

    Bishop David Oyedepo, founder of the Living Faith Church Worldwide has finally revealed the secret behind his church’s exceptional success.

    He spoke during a recent church service.

    According to Bishop Oyedepo, the prosperity witnessed by his church is as a result of its longstanding commitment to humanitarian works.

    With a congregation numbering over 20 million worldwide, the Living Faith Church has emerged as one of Nigeria’s largest Christian congregations.

    Bishop Oyedepo emphasized that the ethos of giving freely has been pivotal to the church’s growth and widespread acceptance.

    See reactions below:

    @vivian__idu said; “Reality that the world don’t want to know about this church.”

    @empresspowei said; “We don’t announce it… Grace keeps showing.”

    @antonyx001 said; “What will you say about the Catholic Church. The whole Winners does not even give up to half of what the Catholic church in Germany gives yearly. Let me just keep mute.”

    @lobajewelries said; “Have a heart of giving.”

    @tommy_standard said; “I nor see those wen dey criticise churches for dis comment oo, as una nor like beta tin so.”

    @steve_chuks__ said; “See as the comment small … people don’t like positivity for real.”

    @doctor_gospel said; “Some ignorant folks who will never say anything good about the body of Christ won’t see this and spread it to their fellow unbelievers.”

    @arcartist_simeon said; “This kain news no dey go far, but if it’s to bash pastors or church. Everywhere go full. Very ignorant generation.”