Google Inc releases 15 new ways of searching information

    Technology giant, Google, yesterday unveiled 15 fresh methods of approaching Google searches in order to have effective results.

    The 15 methods make it possible for people who are looking for anything on its platform to find results easily.

    The new methods which were unveiled at the 2023 Google I/O developer conference, include: PaLM 2. PaLM 2 helps a searcher to understand, generate and translate text including idioms, poems and riddles.

    Also, there was expansion of conversational generative artificial intelligence chatbot, Bard. This means that the waitlist has now been removed. Also, it plans to make Bard available in English in over 180 countries and territories, with the addition of Japanese and Korean languages, and plans to support the world’s top 40 languages.

    Other significant announcements include export to Docs and Gmail. It said it’s making it easier and more seamless for users to continue their work by exporting Bard’s responses to Google Docs or Gmail among others.

    Meanwhile, the tech giant emphasised its commitment to improving search experiences and ensuring user safety, by introducing new generative AI capabilities for search and implementing advanced tools for online protection.

    It said: “The significant updates were for Android, Pixel devices, and Google Photos.

    “This breakthrough model surpasses previous language models in areas such as maths, coding, reasoning, multilingual translation, and natural language generation.”

    “In addition to these advancements, Google reiterated its commitment to responsible AI, striving to address pressing societal challenges like climate change and flood forecasting while maintaining ethical AI practices.”