“The whole world wants to k!ll Putin” – Zelensky Opines

    Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky has claimed that the whole world wants to kill Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

    He said this at a press conference in Kiev over the weekend.

    Zelensky was asked at the press conference – whether he is in danger with his life or whether his life is threatened?

    In response, the president of Ukraine said, “To be honest, it’s more scary for Putin than for me.” Because only Russia wants to kill me. On the other hand, the whole world wants to kill him (Putin).

    During the press conference, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky also said that at least 21,000 Wagner mercenaries were killed while fighting with his country.

    He said the Wagner Group had lost a large number of troops, especially in eastern Ukraine, where the most powerful army of his country is fighting.

    The Ukrainian president said the Wagner group’s insurgency had a major impact on Russian President Putin’s authority. It also has an impact on the battlefield. His country’s army will benefit from it.

    “We have to take advantage of this situation. We have to use this advantage to expel the enemies from the soil of our country.” Zelensky said