Advice: Take care of your eyes !

    Modern life is hard to imagine without gadgets, mobile, and computer screens. They accompany us everywhere and make life much easier.  We stare at the screen all day when working and often watch movies, series, use social media and bet at in our free time. Unfortunately, working in front of a computer can take a toll on our eye health.

    To concentrate on the picture on the screen, the eyes need to strain. As a rule, we do not notice it, but for the eyes, this state is not natural. That’s why several hours spent at the gadget make themselves known by redness, fatigue, and sometimes painful sensations. In addition, there is a strain of the same muscles. Another negative moment in this process is squinting. It leads to a reduction in the frequency of blinks, and therefore to a decrease in moisturization and the appearance of rubber and dryness. But to give up a smartphone or laptop nowadays is almost an unacceptable luxury. So we have to look for ways to solve the problem, which would help to save our eyesight. Here’s how to take care of your eyes and keep them healthy.

    Adjust the lighting

    The darker the room where you spend time with your gadget, the more your eyes will be strained. Watch out for proper lighting and the difference in brightness between the general light and the screen light. This difference should be minimal. It is also worth paying attention to the color adjustment of the screen. It should be moved from the blue spectrum to a warmer spectrum. Your monitor or laptop screen should never be brighter than the ambient light. That is, either add light to the room or turn down the brightness of the display. 

    Keep a distance

    By the way, pretty much the same rule works here as in the case of reading a book. Your electronic device, computer, phone, or tablet should be placed at a distance of at least 40 cm. In this way, the ciliary muscle will not be subjected to excessive strain. If you find it difficult to read from this distance, simply enlarge the font.

    Take regular breaks when working in front of a computer or phone screen

    This is a must if you don’t want to get myopia. A minute of rest after 20 minutes of work at the monitor – just what you need. No fancy actions do not need to do, just enough to alternately shift your gaze to objects located far and near for a few tens of seconds. During breaks, it is not superfluous to make a light massage. To do this, close your eyes, put your index fingers on your eyelids, press a few times, and massage in a circular motion.

    Drink enough water

    It is very important because the lack of water in the body automatically affects the condition of hair and skin, and also the eyes. Lack of fluid leads to dryness, which means that tension increases, while also causing discomfort. The optimal amount of water consumption is 1-2 liters per day.

    Do simple eye exercises

    Daily exercises for just 5-7 minutes each day are a great workout and prevention of vision problems. During the process, your head should remain motionless, your task is to “work” exclusively with your eyes. It is especially effective to do this by closing them. In this way, the eyelids are massaged and blood flow is improved. The simplest exercises – to drive your eyes to the right-left and up-down, trying to take your eyes as far as possible, and repeating them 10 times. More complex – draw different shapes with your eyes. Between exercises, you can take a break by blinking rapidly for a few seconds.

    Use artificial tears

    When working at the computer for a long time, your eyes dry out, so you should use special moisturizing drops. Usually you should use one drop before starting work and, if necessary (about four or five times) during the day.

    Pay attention to and react immediately to eye discomfort

    At the slightest discomfort (usually starts with dryness), consult your eye doctor. If there are no pathological abnormalities, then you need to change something at your workplace: move closer to the window, add bulbs in the room, manually adjust or, perhaps, even completely replace the monitor. Be productive and keep your eyesight young!

    Blink more often

    One of the causes of dry eyes is infrequent blinking. When working at the computer, a person often moves his gaze from the screen to the keyboard. The brain perceives this eye movement as a blink. But since the eyes are not completely closed at this point, they do not receive sufficient cleansing and moisturizing. Therefore, when working at the computer you should try to blink more often, to ensure the protection of the eyes. Blink your eyes frequently and regularly to moisturize your eyes. You can do this several times in a row every 20 minutes of work at the computer.

    Do the regular eye exams

    Don’t forget to visit your eye doctor regularly. It is recommended to be examined by an ophthalmologist annually. And people who regularly and for a long time work at the computer should have their eyesight checked by a doctor once every six months, so that, in case of pathologies, they can be detected early and treatment can be started in time.

    Even if you haven’t had any problems with your eyesight yet, it is very important to protect your eyes from mobile and computer screens: screens make our eyesight worse in the long run. The tips in this article are simple preventative measures to take care of your eyes and prevent different eye problems.