Chinese Man Accused Of Offering To Buy His Son From his Baby-Mama

    A Chinese national has sparked outrage after allegedly abandoning his Nigerian lover and their mixed race child in Ogun State, Nigeria.

    According to a video circulated online, the man identified only as Mr Wang reportedly met Tope Iyabo while working for a company in Nigeria.

    The two entered into a relationship and had a son together.

    However, Mr Wang recently informed Iyabo he no longer wanted to continue the relationship. Shockingly, he then made an offer to purchase their child from the distraught mother.

    The viral video shows a tearful Iyabo cradling her young son and lamenting being left to raise the child alone. She accused Mr Wang of heartlessly abandoning his paternal responsibilities.

    The story has generated anger among Nigerians, with many condemning the foreigner for his insensitive conduct towards his Nigerian partner and innocent child. Critics say it reflects poorly on commitments made by some expatriates towards local women and offspring produced in such relationships.

    Authorities are being urged to compel Mr Wang to fulfill his duties by supporting Iyabo and their son financially and emotionally. The perceived exploitative attitude is reigniting debates on balancing rights in Nigeria’s growing mix of interracial unions.