Ondo Prophet allegedly ‘hypnotizes’ man, marries and impregnates his wife

    A self-acclaimed prophet, Mr. Oluwaseun Akinnubi, has been accused of allegedly hypnotizing his childhood friend, one Mr. Tubosun, after impregnating, marrying and taking away his wife in Ore, Odigbo local government area of Ondo State.

    “Prophet” Akinnubi was also accused of turning Tubosun to house help under alleged hypnotic influence.

    According to sources, the trouble started when Akinnubi was homeless at a time and Tubosun took him into his home.

    Before long, he started fiddling with his wife, to the extent of fathering a son through her, besides the three girls she already had for Tubosun.

    Soon thereafter, after impregnating the woman, the “prophet” rented another apartment and moved out, taking the woman along out of her matrimonial home.

    When confronted, “Prophet” Akinnubi reportedly told his friend that God has ordained the woman to be his wife and that she is pregnant with a baby for him.

    The highlight of the drama was Tubosun, after being told that the prophet had taken over his wife, remained unperturbed.

    Instead, he kept going to the place to wash his wife’s and the baby’s clothes, and even cleaning the house.

    That was when friends and relatives concluded that Tubosun must have been “hypnotized” and “no longer in his right frame of mind”.

    The storyteller continues: “After impregnating the woman, the prophet rented another apartment and moved the woman out of her husband’s house.

    “To the dismay of neighbours, after mama Precious gave birth, they noticed her husband was going to the prophet’s new place to wash clothes for his wife and the new baby.

    “A neighbour called Tubosun and told him that the prophet had taken over his wife, but he was unperturbed. Rather, he kept going to the place to wash his wife’s and the baby’s clothes. He also use to clean the house.

    “At that point, we knew the prophet had already hypnotised Tubosun, because his act was awkward. We believe he is no longer in his right frame of mind.”

    Another neighbour said: “The prophet’s sudden action is diabolical. Tubosun has not been normal since he accommodated him.

    “Some months after he moved in with the couple, people came en masse to worship in the church. We were amazed the man has been collecting a bag of rice each from his members who came for deliverance, while he didn’t proffer solutions to their problems.

    “Later, I discovered the so-called G.O. was having an affair with Tubosun’s wife, a mother of three girls. I personally drew his attention to the illicit affairs. But to my surprise, he didn’t believe me.

    “Tubosun later found out and confronted Akinnubi. But the pastor replied him that he has been joined together with his wife from heaven.

    “After a while, Akinnubi rented another apartment for the woman, while he holds church service eevery dayat Tubosun’s residence in the morning and night,” he concluded.

    It was gathered that the Pastor has been granted bail.”