Chinese EV firm tests electric flying taxi in Dubai [PHOTO/VIDEO]

    A Chinese electric vehicle manufacturing firm, Xpeng tested an electric flying taxi model in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates on Monday.

    The demonstration provided a glimpse of revolutionary technology that could convey people through cities high above any traffic.

    According to CNBC, the taxi called the X2 was developed by the Guangzhou-based XPeng Incorporation’s aviation affiliate and it is one of the dozens of flying car projects around the world.

     Xpeng tested an electric flying taxi model in Dubai

    The display was held with an empty cockpit, but the company said it carried out a manned flight test in July 202 as the sleekly designed vehicle can carry two passengers and is powered by a set of eight propellers.

    Reacting to the innovation, the executive director for international offices at the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Omar Abdulaziz Alkhan describes it as a luxury item.

    “The flying car is a luxury item and a lot of high net-worth individuals are looking for technology and such luxurious product. Dubai is the place where we have customers,” Alkhan said.

    The two-seater vehicle can reach speeds up to 130 kmph and is outfitted with vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) capabilities.

    The X2 is also equipped with autonomous flight capabilities along with intelligent flight control systems. The vehicle is fully electric and emits zero carbon. It can carry up to 500 kg on take-off with eight propellers on board.

    Lovin Dubai, a media and entertainment company posted the exhibition of the flying vehicle.