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    After spending 17 years in the US, man returns home, finds out that their caretaker ‘married’ his dad, owns their home

    A young performer, Gibril Mansaray, has related how he got back from the United States to Ghana and found their caretaker had purportedly hitched his dad and possessed their home.

    Mansaray moved to the US in 2001 to study and seek after his music career and put a great deal of energy into his work in money and deals.

    He uncovered that he encountered tempestuous occasions joining work, studying for his economics degree, and music career.

    Mansaray let Ameyaw Debrah know that there wasn’t sufficient opportunity to completely adjust the degree, work, his music career, and figuring out how to get back to Ghana.

    At that point, he confronted another test when the United States Department of Homeland Security got him while he was currently naturalizing to accomplish full resident status in the US.

    With that reconnection, he came out from detainment more focused, ready, engaged and utilized that energy to push his music career forward.

    Mansaray moved from Jersey City to Brooklyn, where he worked together with M1 (Dead Prez) on his debut single, Streets of Africa. He later delivered one more single with Ghanaian rapper, Reggie Rockstone.

    While during the time spent being expelled from the US to Ghana, he got a consider one morning that his dad had died.

    Mansaray showed up in Ghana to find that his dad’s home was available to be purchased after their caretaker assumed control over the property after his dad’s death.

    He was subsequently educated with regards to the advancement after he was captured for endeavoring to access his dad’s home.

    He was told by the caretaker that she had hitched his late dad and was qualified for part of the property.

    In the wake of accessing the supposed marriage endorsement between his late dad and the caretaker, Mansaray tested its authenticity.

    He then, at that point, made a trip to Sierra Leone for his dad’s legitimate will and got back to recover his dad’s property in court.

    Source: Vanguard

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