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    Sad! ‘My Friend That I Helped get a job in my Company has Taken Over my Position’ – Man Cries

    A frustrated Ghanaian has taken to social media to share a heartbreaking and disappointing situation he finds himself in.

    Narrating his story via a page on Facebook called Mx24gh, he anonymously gave a vivid account of how his own former classmate, whom he helped get a job at the company he was working with, ended up backstabbing him and getting him fired.

    Recounting his experience, the man shared that, 10 years after completing school, he managed to land a Finance Manager role in a reputable company.

    One day in traffic, he met his old schoolmate, Timothy, with a lady he presumed to be his wife and they exchanged contacts.

    Timothy, according to the betrayed Finance Manager, was always good in class and everyone believed he would turn out very well in life. His former mate, however, gave him a call one day and pleaded with him to help him secure a better job than his current one.

    Being a good friend, the anonymous man narrated Timothy’s situation to his company’s Human Resource Manager, and they decided to employ him as his assistant. Continuing his story, the emotional man said he went on a 10-day leave from work, and he got an email from the board of directors from the company, asking for an impromptu meeting.

    At the meeting, he was questioned about some shady deals he had allegedly done in the past. “I thought to myself, how did they have access to all that information?

    My friend, Timoo had dug deep into my files and emails as a self-elected auditor and private investigator and handed them over to the auditors”, the anonymous man revealed After his leave, he came back to the office, only to find Timothy’s name tag on his table. The finance manager position had been transferred to his friend.

    The betrayed friend shared the rest of the story in the post linked below;

    Chijoke said he did not know that he was dealing with a devil in sheep’s clothing all those years they were together.

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