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    Wierd performer pierces his abdomen, liver and loses part of his lung during practice


    A legendary sword swallower has been hospitalised with horrific injuries to his abdomen and liver.

    First responders were called to the Six Flags of America theme park in Woodmore, Maryland, on October 31, although Nelson reportedly didn’t suffer the injury during the show.

    “It wasn’t an accident during the show, but rather other unrelated health issues,” said Josh Bowren, executive producer for Aaron Radatz Productionz, who directed the show Nelson appeared in.

    Nelson performer

    Nelson, 59, said five swords scissored out in his abdominal cavity – seemingly during practice – and he was rushed to a nearby hospital in Washington DC.

    Doctors initially thought Scott Nelson, also known as Murrugun The Mystic, wouldn’t recover from his injuries, which saw part of his lung removed.

    However, he is on the mend.

    Nelson performer

    A GoFundMe page set up to financially support Nelson reads: “A San Diego staple, Scott Nelson, known popularly as Murrugun The Mystic (a sword swallower, actor, busker, all around entertainer), is in need of our help.

    “He’s been in the hospital in DC for over a month unable to eat solid food.

    “They had to remove most of one of his lungs and initially the doctors did not think he was going to make it.

    “He hasn’t been able to eat for a month, he’ll be in the DC hospital for at least another week, and he obviously hasn’t been able to work and will not be able to work for some time.”

    Nelson reportedly told the founder of the fundraising page: “Five swords scissored out in my abdominal cavity.

    “It also appears that I pierced the lobe of my liver.

    “Good news is, I’ve quit smoking and lost over 50 lbs.”

    Photos posted to social media showed his injuries, which included several visible wounds and stitches on his body.

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