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    Wendy Williams calls ex-husband’s mistress ‘less than smart’ (video)

    Wendy Williams, 56, appeared on “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen” on Thursday, Jan 28, and opened up about Sharina Hudson, the longtime mistress of her now-ex-husband Kevin Hunter.

    When Andy Cohen asked her about co-parenting, she delved into her relationship with Kevin and how he started seeing his mistress.

    She said: “I was with him for 25 years, in love with him probably from our third date. … [I knew about Hudson] just about the whole 13 years that they were together, and people behind the scenes say it was more like 15 years.”

    The TV host, whose Lifetime movie and documentary airs on Saturday, then threw shade at Hudson.

    Wendy said of her ex-husband’s mistress: “She was one of these less-than-smart women who moved to the big city with bright lights and she wanted to be a model.

    Wendy explained that Hudson used to work bottle service at a club party she hosted, where Williams would encourage them to flirt with men — including Hunter — to get them to spend more money on drinks.

    Wendy continued: “Kevin’s problem is that Kevin ended up getting with this girl. She made herself very available to him.

    “She was very disrespectful to me. Do you know he had the nerve to tell me that she admires me?”

    When asked if Hudson and Hunter are still together, Williams said she didn’t know. However, she did acknowledge that Kevin Hunter and Hudson’s daughter, Journey, would be turning 2 in March.

    Making it clear that they are living on her money, Wendy said: “My alimony for all three of them is on time every month.” 

    Watch the video below.

    By Jide N.

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