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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

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    Twitter user reveals how neighbor’s live-in girlfriend got married without him knowing

    A Twitter user has narrated how her neighbor’s live-in girlfriend got married without him knowing. 

    @Usedabackspace who disclosed that her neighbor and his girlfriend were from different ethnic group, revealed that the man told her that his live-in girlfriend planned her wedding in his house without him knowing as she was always speaking her language. 

    The Twitter user also revealed that the lady who claimed she was going for a cousin’s wedding, took transport fare from her boyfriend and only called him once after arriving. 

    The man however got to know about her marriage after visiting her parents’ house to find out if she was safe as he wasn’t been able to reach her. 

    The tweet read; 

    My neighbour and his GF have been living together like married couples since i moved in. i haven’t seen her since last week so I ask after her this morning n he told me she is married now..she got married 2 Saturdays ago to an igbo guy who is based abroad cos she is igbo.

    He is yoruba.Apparently she planned her wedding from his house and he didn’t know cos she spoke in igbo majority of the time she was on call. told him she is attending a cousin’s wedding in Imo 3wks ago he gave her Tfare. She called him when she arrived and dt was d last time.

    Went to her parents place on Last Sunday to find out if she was safe as he hasn’t been able to reach her only for the mother to tell him that she got married. Him don bring Smirnoff spirit and soda to mix. He said “Med dey with me” Me: I dey with u Bros mix am. Inside life!

    By Lucky B.

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