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Sunday, November 28, 2021

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    Sad Story: Lady Displays the number of Drugs She and Her Family have to take to Survive HIV

    She wrote;

    “My babies and I displaying our burden of living with HIV. Kourtney, 9years with 11 tablets, Trevor, 17 years with 20 tablets, Dauglas, 22 years with 3 tablets, Barbara, 32 years 3 tablets daily.

    If you still have a chance and choice to stay safe, please do because it isn’t fun swallowing these pills everyday especially for the kids born with the virus. Stop bragging about being polygamous in nature, Train your mind to be disciplined.

    You keep having s.ex with total strangers unprotected because you believe you no dey too sick, say your immune system strong.Get your own sharp objects,needles in saloon,nail cleaners,razor and all.

    Even if you don’t love your life, think about your partner or your spouse and children.”

    This is indeed very sad🥺💔

    Source: Naira Dairy

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