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    President of Turkey Seen Lifting the Woman’s Burqa in Charlie Hebdo’s Cartoon, Sparked Anger in Turkey


    Turkey has flared up once again on a new cartoon published by France’s popular magazine Charlie Hebdo. The cartoon published in Charlie Hebdo shows the Turkish President lifting the woman’s burqa to see her naked body. A teacher was strangled to death on 16 October in Paris because of portraying cartoons involving the Prophet Mohammed with the students. France has described the incident as Islamic terrorism, after which a situation of tension has arisen between Turkey and France.

    This cartoon of Erdogan has been published on the front page of Charlie Hebdo magazine this week. In the cartoon, Erdogan is shown in a t-shirt and underpants. Reacting to this cartoon, Erdogan’s advisor Fahrettin Altun has said that this is the worst publication by the magazine to show cultural racism and hate.

    The Freedom of Speech was supported by French President Emmanuel Macron after the murder of the teacher due to showing cartoons of Prophet Mohammad. Since then, many Muslim countries including Bangladesh & Turkey have turned against France.

    Turkish President Erdogan has accused the French leader of running an anti-Islamist agenda. At the same time, French President Emmanuel Macron has reiterated that his country will continue to guarantee the secularism and the Freedom of Speech. Stating that Freedom of Speech has been a very important issue in France and that is why magazines like Charlie Hebdo have been publishing cartoons openly.

    In 2015, the office of Charlie Hebdo magazine was attacked by jihadists in which 12 people were killed. Among the victims, the magazine’s most popular cartoonists were included . Cartoons related to Prophet Mohammed were published in the magazine

    Source: Hajia R.

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