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    Parents listen up! A kid dies from fentanyl overdose in his school at Connecticut


    A 13-year-old seventh grader has reportedly died from overdosing on opiod fentanyl at his Connecticut school. 

    The student who was enrolled at the city’s Sports and Medical Sciences Academy (SMSA), died on Saturday January 15.

    Confirming the death of the student, Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin said; 

    “We still have much to learn about the circumstances of this tragedy, and about how a child had access to such a shocking quantity of such deadly drugs, and our police department will continue their investigation and seek to hold accountable the adults who ultimately are responsible for this child’s death.

    “In the meantime, our prayers are with everyone touched by this loss, and we will do everything we can to support the SMSA community.” 

    Hartford Courant reported that officials who responded with drug-sniffing dogs after the boy and two other seventh graders were rushed to a hospital on Thursday, found nearly 40 bags of the narcotic hidden in multiple locations within the school.

    The 13-year-old, whose name was not released, reportedly collapsed during a gym class on Thursday January 13 and died on Saturday, according to the Courant. The other two students were released from the hospital on Thursday night.

    Hartford Public Schools Superintendent Leslie Torres-Rodriguez in a statement released on Sunday January 16, extended her “deepest condolences to the student’s family, friends, and loved ones for their loss.” 

    Leslie said;

    “This tragic loss will raise many emotions, concerns, and questions for our school community, especially our students. Our school and district Crisis Intervention Team has already been assembled and will continue to help with the needs of students, parents, and school personnel.”

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