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    Oh! My Best Man ‘slept’ with my Fiancée Over 29 times within 6 months of our Courtship – Man rages

    Another Nigerian man has shared his pain.

    Here is his story:

    Life can be very unfair. This is the very first girl I will Love after so many years.

    I met her and we were friends, then we started dating and all that. I took her to meet my parents, they liked her and so we started.

    When we wanted to start courtship, my church told me that I must choose a best-man who must be a third-party and all that, I never had a very close friend so I just met one young brother in the church and he agreed to be my best man.

    The very day we all met and then he saw my Fiancée, I observed how he started forming, changed to more sweeter voice and started doing funny things. I never really mind, little did I know that he had plans.

    I only knew him as a dedicated brother in church, I never knew him too well like that. We went on in the courtship for 6 good months. It was in the 6th month, at the end of the courtship while we were preparing for the traditional marriage in 1 week time that my fiancée bursted into tears while we were together. I was wondering what the Issue might be so I was very worried, she wouldn’t talk.

    That day she had requested to speak with me alone and no other person was there. She really cried, It was that day she said she loves me and her conscience has flogged her and she can’t continue to hide it again. She then said that the very first day that the so called best man saw her, he traced her to her house, got her number and she felt since he was the best man that its okay to relate with him.

    She said he then lied the next day that I was in his house and was seriously ill and that she needs to come quickly. She got the address and ran there, only to see the guy stack naked in the sitting room waiting for her with his long man-hood. She said she resisted him severally but he out-smarted her and slept with her.

    She said he called her the next day to apologize and that he wants to make up for that mess, he begged and begged her to please let him make up for it. That day they met somewhere and had s*x again. That was how they started sleeping with themselves.

    When I asked her like how many times now, she said maybe 30, that they met more than once every week for the 6 months. According to her she was a virgin but lost it to this best man and then became to a slave to him.

    Well, the guy is on the run but because she confessed to me, we will proceed with this wedding and I will get another best man. I have learnt a big lesson of life.

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