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    Kylian Mbappe stands with Paul Pogba in his alleged extortion scandal

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    Kylian Mbappe has laughed off claims that Paul Pogba asked a witch doctor to cast a spell on him, insisting he ‘prefers to believe the word’ of his France team-mate.

    Recall, that Pogba’s brother Mathias has published multiple videos to social media promising ‘great revelations’ about the Juventus star. In one of the videos, he alleged that his brother sought to put a curse upon Mbappe, something Paul Pogba has strenuously denied. 

    The French striker has now addressed the allegations at a press conference ahead of Juventus vs Paris Saint-Germain clash in Champions League this week.

    ‘Today I prefer to believe the word of my team-mate,’ Mbappe said. 

    ‘It is his word against the word of his brother, I am going to believe my team-mate. 

    ‘It’s not a time to put more onto him. I’m pretty detached from it all.’ 

    Pogba has publicly denied the allegations of witchcraft against Mbappe, who earlier spoke to his team-mate for clarity on how he has been dragged into this row. However, Mbappe is now ready to move on from it. 

    ‘He called me, he gave his version of the facts,’ Mbappe added. 

    Pogba reportedly confirmed to investigators that he did seek the help of a witch doctor but for the sole purpose of warding off injuries and not to target any team-mate.

    The midfielder’s brother Mathias took to Twitter to address Mbappe directly over the witchcraft allegation.

    ‘Kylian, do you understand now?’ he wrote. 

    ‘I have nothing against you, what I am saying is for your own good, everything is true and known, the witch doctor is known!’

    The Paris prosecutor’s office confirmed on Friday September 2, that they have opened a formal judicial investigation into allegations by Pogba that he was the target of extortion attempts and threats from an organised gang.

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