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    Jehovah’s Witnesses in Nigeria return their places of Worship after 2 years of ‘Covid-19 absence’

    With effect from April 1, 2022, Jehovah’s Witnesses in Nigeria and across the world will return to their places of worship after observing two years of Covid-19 pandemic restrictions.

    This was contained in an statement announcing “Resuming In-Person Meetings”, issued by the organisation of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Nigeria.

    The announcement reads: “We are pleased to inform you that the Governing Body has decided that barring any local governmental restrictions, we will encourage all congregations to begin holding in-person meetings the week of April 1.

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    In another announcement concerning “Special Talk and Memorial Arrangements”, the organisation stated further:

    “Congregations worldwide will resume holding the midweek and weekend meetings in person beginning April 1, except where local governmental restrictions do not permit them to do so.

    “Mask-wearing is strongly recommended for all in-person meetings, even if it is not required by the authorities.

    “A videoconferencing option will continue to be available.

    “However, it is the Governing Body’s earnest desire that all congregations worldwide make a concerted effort to hold in-person meetings for the special talk and Memorial and that the talks be given in person.

    “In most congregations, the special talk, “Where Can You Find Real Hope?” will be presented the week of April 4.

    “And this year, the Memorial of Jesu’ death will be held on Friday, April 15.”

    (The Memorial is a special occasion for remembering Jesus’ death by the Witnesses globally on a given date.)

    The development was further reiterated by Mr. Olusegun Eroyemi, the Spokesperson of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Nigeria during an interview with Sahara TV.

    Mr. Eroyemi disclosed that Jehovah’s Witnesses will be returning back to in-person meetings after the restrictions imposed while the Covid-19 pandemic lasted.

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