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Sunday, December 5, 2021

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    Japan: 25-year-old wife charged with killing her 77-year-old millionaire husband

    An ex-Pornstar, Saki Sudo, 25, has been charged with murdering her spouse, Kosuke Nozaki, 77, who reportedly liked sex so much he was called ‘don juan’ after notoriously claiming he had bedded 4000 women and also demanded sex three times a day.

    Saki Sudo

    Business tycoon Kosuke Nozaki, who made his fortune through real estate, agriculture and money lending, married the suspect in February 2018 in the Japanese city Tanabe.

    He was dead within months, according to Japanese news site Tokyo Reporter.

    Saki Sudo

    Before his death, Nozaki had brushed off warnings that his ex-porn star wife only married him for his money after she was spotted on lavish shopping trips around the world.

    He wrote in his memoir: “I am sorry for the 99 per cent of people who wish for this marriage to fall apart, but I am confident that I will be happy.”

    In the memoir, he said frequent sex was the secret to staying young and he wished to die and go to heaven while having sex.

    “Our time in the bedroom is also fun. I’m convinced that is the secret to staying young,” he wrote.

    “We have a quota of sex three times a day and I don’t need Viagra. I know having so much sex may cause my death, but if I can die having sex and go to heaven then I am good.”

    Saki Sudo

    Sudo was arrested in Tokyo last month after cops raided her home.

    Police authorities allege Sudo killed her husband as phone records show several internet searches for “stimulant drugs” and poisons on Sudo’s phone.

    She was flown back to Wakayama, where she had lived with her husband, and has now been charged with murder.

    In 2016, the businessman wrote a book called ‘Don Juan of Wakayama’.

    He wrote: “The reason I make money is to date attractive women.”

    When he popped the question to Sudo, he reportedly asked her: “Would you like to be my last woman?”

    Shortly after his death, Sudo appointed herself president of her late husband’s million-dollar company, it is claimed.

    She is said to have wanted to flee Japan after the funeral, but was restricted by Covid-19 travel restrictions.

    By Francisca C.

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