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    ‘Igbo women will force you to pay bills’ – Lazy man shares ordeal

    A man narrated his ordeal with a lady he met on the internet he went on a date with.

    According to the man, he had been speaking with the girl on Instagram for quite some time and she had repeatedly demanded that he take her out.

    He agreed to accompany her to a restaurant of her choice, where she ordered expensive meals and drinks while he sipped on his drink.

    When it came time to pay the bills from their special date at the restaurant, however, the lady stared at him, and he ended up footing all of the bills for that session, drastically draining his wallet.

    He decried the fact that Igbo women never cease to disgrace you

    He narrated;

    ”Will never forget when this babe on this app was always texting me that she wanted to take me out. I finally agreed. When we got to the location (that she picked), She was ordering expensive stuff and in my mind I was like “This babe get money o” I just ordered drinks because I wasn’t really hungry. When it was time to pay, she started looking at me. Long story short, I was the one that paid all the bills. Igbo women will disgrace you 🤦🏿‍♂️”

    See reactions on his post;

    @renychime; My take on this:

    1. if you tell someone you want TAKE him/her out…you pick the bill,

    2.If someone says he/she wants to take you out, the person picks the bill

    3. If you both decide to hangout, any of you can decide to pick the bill or you go dutch( split the bill)

    @fran6ixIV; You’re the one that disgraced yourself by even agreeing to pay for what she ordered.

    Better go apply for Shola summer lesson now before form go finish

    @Red_Ivvy wrote; Why is the fact that someone asked to take him out and he ended up paying not being discussed here? Ok he erred in generalizing “Igbo women” but she was wrong when she opted out in paying for the bills. That was totally wrong. Na you say let me take you out

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