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    How Mr Ibu’s children stole N55 million from ailing actor, planned to ‘japa’- Police

    The duo of Onyeabuchi and Valentine, sons of John Okafor, ailing actor in Nollywood, and his adopted daughter, Jasmine Okekeagwu, according to police account, defrauded their dad to a tune of N55 million and planned to join the wave of migrants to UK in what is locally called ‘japa’.

    Reports broke earlier that police arrested two out of the three, had them arraigned in court over the alleged theft for which they are on bail and would resume trial in March.

    Okafor, known more by his stage name, Mr Ibu, took critically ill with his large fan base and prominent individuals donating money for his treatment.

    Prominent among those who contributed money to his treatment was former senate president, Bukola Saraki.

    Mr Ibu’s search for treatment had taken him abroad where he underwent several surgeries which led to an amputation of one of his legs.

    But controversy trails the actor after police released statement of the alleged arrest of his children.

    Police spokesperson, ASP Maiyegun Amina, discloses in press release still circulating at the time of filing this report, that wife of the actor, Stella, through a legal firm, Diamond Wave Law, had written petition to the police accusing the three of manipulating the actor’s phone with which money was siphoned from his account.

    It is however unclear if Mr Ibu sanctioned her move.

    The Police, through its Force Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department in Ikoyi, Lagos State, arrested  Oyeabuchi and Jasmine Okekeagwu, alleging that they conspired to defraud the ailing Nollywood actor of N55million.

    The FCID revealed that Onyeabuchi and Jasmine manipulated Stella, took possession of Mr. Ibu’s phone, and hacked into the banking details.

    They were said to have reinstalled the banking app, transferred N55 million from the donations, and planned to escape from the country.

    “Investigation into the case established that as part of efforts to fund his medical bills, Mr. Ibu launched a public fund-raising initiative and attracted donations from his fans, entertainment industry players, and other well-spirited members of the public into a bank account which he publicized and dedicated for the purpose,” the police statement read.

    The police said N50 million has been recovered from the suspects, and they have been charged with conspiracy and stealing at the Chief Magistrate’s Court 1, Yaba.

    They were said to have been granted bail, and the case adjourned to March 11, 2024.

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