Horrible! “We die together” As Jealous boyfriend drags girlfriend with him in murder-suicide in Turkey

    A  jealous boyfriend threw himself off a cliff and dragged his girlfriend with him while they were celebrating with friends at a birthday get together.

    Selcuk Cetiner, 41, and Mehlika Derici, 35, were out drinking for their friend’s birthday at a restaurant in Turkey.

    They continued drinking as they ventured to viewpoint Asiklar Tepesi, also known as Lovers’ hill. They were joined by birthday girl Merve, 32, and her partner Arda Tolunay.

    But the romantic evening took a sinister turn when an argument, fuelled by jealousy, broke out between the pair.

    According to the other couple, Cetiner pushed Mehlika to the ground before the two picked her back up.

    He then allegedly shouted: “If we die, we die together.”

    Selcuk Cetiner and Mehlika Derici

    Before Mehlika could react, Cetiner clasped his arms around her waist and then hurled himself off the cliff, taking her with him.

    Both died at the scene.