Hacker hooked Russian soldiers attractive women photos, their bases destroyed

    A Russian base was reportedly blown up after a Ukrainian hacker set up fake social media profiles of attractive women and tricked Putin’s troops into giving their position away.

    Speaking to the Financial Times, Nikita Knysh, from Kharkiv, who is an IT professional, explained that he wanted to use his hacking skills to help his country win against Russia and founded group Hackyourmom.

    Nikita, 30, and his group of 30 hackers, tricked Russian soldiers stationed in Melitopol, using fake social media accounts, and got soldiers to send them photographs of them on the front. 

    The hackers used the images to work out that the Russians were at a military base near Melitopol in southern Ukraine. 

    After sending the information to Ukraine’s military, the base was attacked several days later and explosions rang out, according to Ukrainian Pravda. Melitopol’s mayor Ivan Fedorov confirmed the news on Telegram.

    He said: ‘Another explosive night in Melitopol and Myrne village of Melitopol district. At 1 o’clock residents of all districts heard loud explosions.

    ‘The first of them was so strong that windows in some houses shook and plaster fell. We are waiting for confirmation that the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed another base of the occupiers with jewel-like precision strikes. The enemy will never be at peace on our land.’

    Fedorov later said: ‘In Melitopol, one of the largest enemy bases in the territory of the ‘Actovolorlit’ plant was destroyed.’

    Knysh said of the hacking, which led to the alleged attack: ‘The Russians, they always want to f**k. They send out a lot of s**t to ‘girls’ to prove that they are warriors.’ 

    And another team member on Hackyourmom, named only as Maxim, said that after the attack they thought: ‘My first thought was — I am effective, I can help my country.

    ‘Then, I realized, I want more of this — I want to find more bases, again and again.

    It comes as a cyber feud rages on between Russia and Ukraine, with hackers launching ferocious attacks from both sides.