European sex championship: Sweden declares sex as sport

    The first-ever sex tournament is set to take place early next week in Sweden, which has recognised sex as a sport. Named the European Sex Championship, the competition is scheduled to take place on June 8 under the supervision of the Swedish Sex Federation.

    Participants in the championship will compete for six hours each day over the course of many weeks with individual ‘matches’ reportedly lasting 45 to 60 minutes. The competition will last several weeks and the competitors from different European countries will face off in 16 different disciplines to showcase their talents and abilities.

    The championship features a wide range of disciplines, including seduction, body massages, exploring erotic zones, prelude, oral sex, penetration, endurance, physical appearance, pose execution, creativity in position changes and the number of orgasms within a given time, artistic performance and pose transitions, and the capacity to raise blood pressure and heart rate during the competition.

    Additional categories consist of the most exquisite and complicated position, the most creative communication as determined by a panel and spectators, the pair who exhibits the most activity, artistry in the Kamasutra, and popularity among the judges and viewers.

    The competition is separated into three stages, with each level requiring a certain number of points in order to advance. Participants can earn between 5 and 10 points in each discipline, which is decided by a mix of public votes and a panel of five judges.