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    Do you know that ‘The Weeknd’ Lost his Voice During Concert and Cancels Show (video)

    The Weeknd cancelled the second part of his sold-out shows in Los Angeles after losing his voice few minutes after he started performing. 

    TMZ reported that SoFi Stadium was packed with 70,000 fans and fans couldn’t see the singer for over 15 minutes when the band started playing “Can’t Feel My Face.” 

    He was reportedly backstage as the song played, trying to figure out what to do because had had no voice.

    The publication reported that while the singer performed his previous song, he yelled and apparently blew out his vocal cords.

    After the band finished playing the new song, The Weeknd came onstage and told the crowd, “It’s killing me,” but the show had to abruptly end because he had no voice.

    He said “I can’t give you the concert I want to give you,” promising everyone would get their money back and he would reschedule soon.

    The Weeknd was profusely apologetic and clearly emotional. This was a big part of his After Hours Til Dawn Tour, and he knew how much the show meant to his fans. 

    The crowd applauded him after the disclosure for being transparent. After leaving the venue, he tweeted; 

    “My voice went out during the first song and I’m devastated. Felt it go and my heart dropped. I promise I’ll make it up to you with a new date.”

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