Do you know that some Nigerian Politicians went to Rome to offer ‘special prayers’ for Nigeria?

    A delegation of 121 Nigerians has departed for Rome, Italy, to offer intercessory prayers for the country.

    Speaking in Abuja on Tuesday, Yakubu Pam, the executive secretary of Nigeria Christian Pilgrims Commission (NCPC), said the trip was special and exceptional.

    He added that the trip was bilateral, and not the regular visitation by pilgrims to holy sites.

    The delegation includes the secretary to the government of the federation, some governors and deputy governors, traditional rulers and heads of spiritual organisations.

    “We are going as the image of Nigeria, we are going to meet with other top functionaries of countries and the host country,” Pam said.

    “We will pray and discuss national issues and other issues that bother us and the way forward.”

    He said the pilgrims’ top concerns were Nigeria’s unity, peaceful conduct of the 2023 elections, and an end to the security challenges.

    “We will pray for unity of the country, we will pray for the vulnerable and less privilege. We will pray for the economic situation of Nigeria to be improved and we will be praying for the leaders of the country for God to touch them and give them the enablement to rule better,” he said.

    Ignatius Kaigama, archbishop of Abuja archdiocese, said he was optimistic that the pilgrims would return totally revitalised and transformed to have a beneficial impact on their families and the country.

    “We are going to pray for transformation of ourselves; we will pray for spirit of holiness and for our country to experience transformation,” the cleric said.

    “We will be appealing to the tribunal of God, as He has the final say on all issues we encounter as a country. We will experience more peace, understanding, unity and progress.”

    Of the 121 pilgrims, according to Pam, 40 were sponsored by the government while others were on self sponsorship.