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    Dear Ladies, Please Don’t Enter Into Any Of These 10 Kinds Of Relationships

    As a lady, you are expected to get serious with life the moment you cross twenty five years old. I personally don’t expect a 25-year old lady to be playing games because the truth is that you no longer have enough time on your side.

    At age 25 and above, a lady should calm her head down and start thinking of how to settle down with a man she would spend the rest of her life with. Ladies should make sure they don’t enter any of these ten (10) kinds of relationships:

    1. A Toxic Relationship

    This is the kind of relationship some ladies find themselves in where the guy beats them at every slightest opportunity. At age 25 and above, don’t try to manage a man who raises his hand to hit you and don’t even think he will change if he gets married to you because that is his true nature.

    If you don’t want to cry later when you get married to him, it is better you call it quit now and look for a man who will never raise his hand to hit you no matter what.

    2. A Relationship Heading Nowhere

    At age 25 and above, I don’t expect a lady to still remain in a relationship that is undefined. If you notice that the relationship is heading no where probably because he does not say anything about marriage, I will advice you to sit down and carefully as yourself this question: “Should I keep on waiting for him to talk about marriage when I am above 25 already?

    3. A Relationship Full Of Pretence

    It is very easy to know if your relationship is full of pretense; if the affirmation of love seems not to come from his heart, just know the relationship is full of pretence and I will not advice you to keep on wasting your time in such relationship.

    4. A Relationship Without Mutual Respect

    I have seen cases where a guy insults his woman publicly and vice versa. At age 25 and above, if there is no mutual respect in your relationship, just know that you are not doing the right thing.

    This mutual respect also involves respecting one’s personal decision.

    5. A Relationship Not Rooted In Love

    If the foundation of your relationship is not rooted in love, I will advice you to have a rethink because whatsoever you accept now is what will be accepted later. Every good relationship or even marriage should be rooted in love and nothing else.

    6. A Relationship Where The Guy Asks For Pleasure All The Time

    If at 25 and above all your boyfriend wants is to have a feel of your body, just know that the relationship is not worth it. At 25 and above, you are expected to be with a man who sees you as his future wife, not the type that sees you as a ‘pleasure toy’.

    7. A Relationship Not Leading To Marriage

    Just like I said before, at age 25 and above you should make sure the relationship you enter is well defined and is the type that will lead to marriage.

    8. An Ungodly Relationship

    Do you want to spend the rest of your life with a guy who doesn’t have the fear of God? If your answer is NO, then I will advice you not to waste your time in any ungodly relationship.

    9. A Relationship Founded On Lies

    The lifespan of every relationship founded on lies is transient and I will advice you not to waste your time in such relationship. If he is the type that lies to you all the time and you are aware, don’t manage the relationship hoping that he will change with time.

    10. A Relationship Where You Don’t Have Joy And Peace Of Mind

    Dear ladies, please ensure you are in a relationship where you have joy and peace of mind and if these two things are absent, what then are you enjoying in such relationship?

    It is peace of mind that makes a woman looks younger than her age when she is married so if you want to be ageless, enter a relationship where you have joy and peace of mind.

    Do you agree with the things I just said?

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