“Beyonce sold her soul to the devil” – Bishop Wooten says (video)

    Bishop Patrick Wooten has given his opinion on Beyonce’s new song “Church Girls,” which features a Clark Sisters sample, calling it sacrilege.

    He added that the song shows Beyonce has sold her soul to the devil and he said he wouldn’t recommend the song.

    He told his congregation: “Beyonce just released sacrilege. The only thing I can account to some of that stuff is, somebody done sold their soul to the devil.”

    He continued: “When you sell your soul to the devil you get the short end of the stick.  Because you’re not gonna live for so long and when you leave here, where you’re going, you’re going to be there forever. So, it’s not a good deal.”

    He called the song a “piece of trash” that he “struggled to listen to” but said it was “too bad” and “not for public consumption.”

    He continued: “To sample the song of a real Church lady, Twinkie Clark… I don’t know whether she knew what she was gonna do with the song or not. She knows she’s not saved.  And I pray to God that a stiff denounciation of what she did with that song is put out.”

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