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    APC Party Pushing All Manner Of Baseless Propaganda – LP Youths

    The National Youth Leader of the Labour Party (LP), Kennedy Ahanotu, has accsued the All Progressives Congress (APC) of pushing all manner of baseless propaganda to misrepresent “our collective sense of equity and justice.”

    Speaking at a press conference in Owerri, Imo State, on Sunday, the National Youth leader of the party warned the ruling APC to halt calls for the arrest of Peter Obi and his running mate, Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed.

    Ahanotu said LP has already obeyed the ‘go to court’ order and was already in court to reclaim its stolen mandate.

    According to him, the ruling party was disappointed when LP members refused to engage in violent conduct following the “wrongful declaration of Bola Ahmed Tinubu as purported winner of February 25 presidential poll by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).”

    He also called for a stop to the continued intimidation and molestation of the Igbo in Lagos, warning that if not curbed, it could lead to national instability.

    Ahanotu said: “Today, those who were wrongfully declared are not even celebrating but are surprisingly calling for the arrest of those whose mandate were stolen and have obeyed the instruction to ‘go to court.’ We are in court already.

    “Since after the election, the opposition, especially APC, expected violent resistance, but “we beat them to it and conducted ourselves in a most civil manner. I recall with keen interest what happened in 2011 general election that Buhari lost, and even June 12.

    “It’s surprising to see the APC stage managing all manner of baseless propaganda to misrepresent our collective sense of equity and justice.

    “It is important we go to the archives to ascertain that during the campaigns, it was only the APC presidential candidate and spokespersons that was caught on videos promoting violence, especially Bola Tinubu, who openly asked his supporters to fight, snatch, grab, and run with our collective mandate; and that was exactly what APC supporters did in Lagos State, Rivers State and many other states across the country.

    “My president-in-waiting was always sounding modest, issue-based, and never encouraged violence by the way he conducted himself. Hence, Nigerians of goodwill voted massively for him. Obi and Datti were the only candidates who concentrated campaigns on issues of national unity, best interest, development, and economic prosperity.

    “The various call for the arrest of Obi and Datti should stop forthwith as we, the Obidient youths, have cast our final hopes on the judiciary, and we shall be in the courts to observe every process for future reference.

    “We pass vote of confidence in the judiciary. We refuse to accept the insinuation that the judiciary has been cowed and pocketed by powers that be to subvert justice and popular wishes of Nigerians.

    “The open attack on the Igbo in Lagos, where Tinubu is said to hail from, is a clear proof of the threats and commands by notable APC supporters in Lagos, which the police never took serious when they termed Dayo Israel and MC Oluomo’s threats as a joke.”

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