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Monday, November 29, 2021

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    A British millionaire’s fiancée shot dead by his ex-girlfriend has come out to claim that a business rival ordered his killing and fears she may be the next target

    The fiancée of a British millionaire shot dead by his ex-girlfriend has come out to claim that a business rival ordered his killing and fears she may be the next target.

    Maria Korotaeva, 27, said husband-to-be, Andrew Bush, had received death threats in the weeks leading up to his murder.

    British millionaire's fiancée shot dead

    She alleged a business rival of her husband to be who was into jewelleries could have ordered the killing.

    The businessman’s former lover, Mayka Kukucova, 31, waited in his bed at his Spanish villa before fatally shooting him three times in 2014.

    British millionaire's fiancée shot dead

    She escaped to her home country, Slovakia but was caught and then jailed for 15 years in May 2016 which was later reduced to 13 years’ imprisonment.

    But Maria, who was set to wed the businessman before his death, now claims she thinks Kukucova was instructed to carry out the killing when Bush started planning to establish a jewellery business in London, The Mirror reports.

    British millionaire's fiancée shot dead

    In a new tell-all book, Maria says: 

    “A couple of weeks before his murder, Andy was in Germany at a jewellers conference.

    “He came back really upset, saying that someone – a rival entrepreneur, I think – was threatening him because of his plans.

    “We think Mayka was told if she did the murder she would get three or four years.”

    According to Maria, Bush had proposed to her at dinner on the night of his murder.

    He then drove her home in his £60,000 gold-plated Humvee 4×4, unaware that swimwear model Kukucova was lying in wait armed with a .38 revolver.

    When they found Kukucova in Bush’s bed, he told Maria to go to the car and phone the police, after Kukucova refused to leave.

    But, an argument broke out between Bush and Kukucova, then Maria heard three gunshots – and later found her partner in a pool of blood.

    She shot Bush three times – twice in the head.

    Maria, a businesswoman from Russia thinks the killing by Kukucova was a hit and now fears her own life could be at risk.

    “I’m now worried she may come find me when she gets out. God knows what she is thinking. What is in her head?” she said.

    “It’s already been seven years. There’s not very long left until she comes out.

    “I’m worried that she may come and find me. What stops her? Nothing. You can find me easily because of my social media.”

    Maria said she nor Bush reported the threats made to him to the police because “they didn’t take them seriously” at the time.

    The inquest at Avon Coroner’s Court in Bristol, ruled that Bush was murdered by Kukucova.

    By Francisca C.

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