Turkish wife cries for help as a Nigerian lady allegedly snatches her husband

    I have been connected with Serpil on Instagram for well over one year. She would occasionally like my posts and I would wonder whom this white lady that bears Onwuasoanya as a surname could be. I tried to investigate within my family and found out that there is none of my relatives married to a Turkish woman. I am not as active on Instagram as I am on Facebook, but she is one of the few connections on Instagram that I regularly got notified when they update their stories. I have had a couple of white friends on social media, who tried to get close, but I deliberately avoided them because I know how much damage some Nigerian scammers have done to the Nigerian image through romance scam.

    However, few days ago, Serpil sent a kind of SOS to me. She told me she was in distress and that her life was in danger. She requested my number, and I obliged her. She told me she is married to a Nigerian from Enugu-Ukwu in Anambra State, and that the marriage has been in distress for some years now. According to her, a certain Cythie Ujunwa Ogbobe had come into her marriage and took her husband away.

    It wasn’t just about trying to take her husband away, but she complained that the lady is dangerous and had made some attempts on her life. She alleges that the Imo born lady who resides in the US is involved in some dangerous criminal activities across Turkey, USA and Nigeria and together with her husband, Chinemelum, could be capable of some dangerous things.

    I reached out to Ujunwa Ogbobe through her USA phone number, and when I tried to know her own part of the story, she told me that; “Nigerian guys are jobless animals” and she wasn’t interested in discussing anything with me. I was to find out that she blocked me after sending that message to me, because she sent a screenshot of our conversation to Serpil.

    Turkish wife cries for help as a Nigerian lady allegedly snatches her husband

    I reached out to Chinemelum, the man, at the centre of the whole scandal, and he started with the childish mind game of telling me that his lawyer would get in touch with me. I told him that would be fine. But after a few minutes, he called back to tell me that his lawyer wouldn’t be getting in touch with me anymore, but that I should steer clear of his family issues, except he invites me into it. He tried to blackmail me by telling me how he had known about me for a long time and that I was part of the reasons he is having issues with his wife, because he had severally warned his wife not to interact with me. Well, I immediately understood he was trying to insinuate that I was into an amorous relationship with his wife, and I told him off. He also threatened to find me out anywhere I am in Abuja to deal with me. Well, that was the trigger for me to finally decide to get involved in the matter.

    Serpil told me of how Ujunwa took Chinemelum to Zion Ministry ran by one Evangelist Ebuka to “wed”. I got a video of the said Ujunwa been prayed for by Ebuka, but I cannot confirm that that was a wedding ceremony or service. I will give more details about this in a small video story I shall do on this.

    With these interactions I became more determined to hear Serpil out, because I had been somehow reluctant. She emptied her out to me. Told me how she guided the young man through when he arrived Turkey, without knowing his left from her right. How she was scorned by her friends and relatives, because she was going out with a Black guy who didn’t have anything, how she invested more than twelve years of her life into building a relationship that metamorphosed into marriage, and how, given her religious and cultural background, she believes in the sanctity of marriage and wouldn’t want to trade it off. She told me how the said Chinemelum had thrown her into serious debts, while he lives in affluence.

    I got videos and recorded calls and voice notes from relatives and direct siblings of Chinemelum and confirmed that Serpil has reasonably impacted on the family as they express so much solidarity with her while disowning Ujunwa.

    I felt that Serpil might be open to some reconciliation with her husband and offered not to put this story out, and to rather work to see how I could achieve some reconciliation. She told me she wasn’t interested anymore. I sent messages to Chinemelum, suggesting that he tries to sort these things out amicably, but he ignored the messages.

    Serpil tells me she is more interested in having her husband rebuild his relationship with his family and get his own life back together. She fears that the woman wants to wreck him, because he has got a lot of money now. Also, she wants the story out there in order to correct the impression that interracial marriages, especially, between Whites and Africans are only transactional. She loved her husband deeply and only went into the relationship out of genuine and selfless love. She is pained that her love was thrown back at her, and another woman took over the love of her life merely because she is Black.

    Meantime, she has involved the Turkish law enforcement and has reached out to the EFCC in Nigeria, but is yet to get any response to her numerous mails to them. She complains that because of the financial crisis that Chinemelum put her into, she is not currently able to afford the fees for legal services required of her to get justice. For her, justice would mean getting her legitimate money back from Chinemelum.

    More on this story shall be in a video story I will be publishing on my YouTube channel next week. Stay tuned.