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Monday, September 27, 2021

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    Sad: A Lady Trying To Travel Abroad Goes Insane At Airport (Video)

    Tori Me has stumbled upon a heart touching video of a woman traveling overseas but unfortunately lost her memory at the airport.

    According to reports, the woman was reportedly travelling abroad but when she arrived the airport park, something strange happened and she started demonstrating like a mad person at the Lagos State airport.

    Her strange behaviour attracted several attention from other people around the airport premises with many suggesting maybe she was spiritually attacked while some said she might have committed something bad and wanted to run out of the country.

    In the video, which is currently circulating on the internet, it captured the advanced woman conveying her luggages from where it was arranged, probably where the taxi dropped her at the airport park.

    The video has attracted several reactions from social media users as many opined possibly she might have done something bad and trying to get away with, while others advised that one should never reveal to one’s relatives or friends when travelling because some people are not happy about one’s progress.

    Watch the video below:

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