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    Police break up French warehouse with about 100 people having sex

    French police broke up a warehouse orgy with 100 people having sex or breaking Covid-19 rules on masks and social distancing on the outskirts of Paris over the weekend. 

    Locals reportedly alerted police to a warehouse where men and women meeting for the so-called ‘libertine’ party  at love-in at Collegien, a Paris suburb over the weekend. 

    When officers arrived on the scene they found 11 people in the car park, who they fined €135 for breaking France’s coronavirus curfew, which restricts movement from 6 pm to 6 am.

    Police said they later enter the warehouse where a large number of people were engaged in an orgy. 

    Three people believed to be organisers  were arrested and up to 100 were fined for non-compliance with regulations

    ‘The event was in breach of the curfew, and there were also problems with masks and social distancing,’ said an investigating source.

    “Those involved in the libertine party cooperated with the police, and there was no resistance to the police.”

    Local magistrates sitting in an emergency session authorised police to confiscate sound systems and light installations, along with alcohol, in the raid.

    Local magistrates sitting in an emergency session then granted permission for sound and light equipment to be confiscated, along with alcohol.

    It was also recommended that all the attendees were provided with basic sex education as it relates to the spread of viruses. 

    By Jide N.

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