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    Painful Story Of Twin Girls Who Refused To Talk To Anybody For 29 Years Until The Worst Happened

    For those who have been lucky to give birth to twins, you obviously know that the bond that exists among twins is much stronger compared to when the children are born separately.

    Especially when it comes to identical twins where the same Zygote was used to form them, the similarities tend to be much stronger and apart from looks, sometimes the behaviors tend to be similar in many ways. The degree of closeness however varies from one child to another.

    That was the same case with two twin girls called Jennifer and June who were born in the year 1963. After giving birth to them and while they were growing, the parents noticed some strange behaviour patterns in their two kids. The two girls were not only identical physically but they resembled each other even in their behavior patterns.

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    Painful Story Of Twin Girls Who Refused To Talk To Anybody For 29 Years Until The Worst Happened 6

    Mr. Aubrey Gibbons and Mrs Gloria Gibbons were now becoming more concerned with the strange behaviour patterns of their two kids. Their behaviour is what gave them the famous name called, “the silent twins” because silence was their weapon of communication to some extent. A movie has also been acted about the two girls.

    The two girls from a young age had decided to remain silent to every other person and create their own world where only two of them could communicate. No outsider would talk to them let one their own parents Mr and Mrs Gibbons.

    They had grown normally well until it was the ripe age for them to start communicating when they resorted to silence and living in a world of their own in a world full of many people.

    To help them communicate with each other, they had developed some kind of “coded language” only them could understand. It was so strange that they would understand each other by simply making weird sounds. It became worse even as they approached teenage hood.

    They had completely refused to talk to outsiders, they refused to read and write and copying each others behaviour was the order of the day for them until their behaviors were perfectly synchronized as a result of spending so much time together. It almost looked like the two girls were sharing the same mind and thoughts.

    They could not be separated by anyone and when they tried separating them from one another, things turned from bad to worse. When the parents decided to take them t separate schools, they also decided to create a world of their own and would completely separate themselves from others. They would spend long hours in their beds alone and would even refuse to eat until they were forced to do so. That was when they saw that it could not work and so they had to be brought together again.

    What was strange about the Jennifer and June was the fact that they were able to speak but simply chose not to speak. It was in this period of silence and separation from the world that the people even noticed that the two girls had unique abilities. They would write plays and other fictional stories in their silence which were even published and sold. It was in this period of silence that the two girls wrote and published two books.

    Their silence however seemed to be doing them much worse than good. Before you realize they were already into crimes and drug abuse and a time came when they were arrested and charged each being given 12 years sentence.

    Because of their condition, they were taken to a correctional facility for the mentally ill. That was when things started changing for the two girls. A mental facility is not a place you would love to be for 12 years. Years later in an interview, June would admit that those 12 years were the worst years of her life. They tried to do anything so That they could be released from the facility but none of their efforts bore fruits.

    After many years they were eventually released and by now, the two were the talk of many people and just before they were released from the hospital facility where they had been transfered to one of them died of heart failure and that was Jennifer.

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    Death was what changed things completely for June because she was fully aware that her twin sister was not going to come back again. That was the first time June would speak to people with confidence. June later admitted that Jennifer had offered to die so that she could allow her sister June live a life that is normal and with freedom.

    The story of June and Jennifer is so strange and even unbelievable but those were the exact events that happened. Ever since the death of her sister, Jennifer became as normal as any other person and even after many years she remembers those days vividly well and a lot has definitely changed about her.

    Source: legitpost.com.ng

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