Nigerian Man Tortures His Children To Death For ‘Disrespecting God’

    A 25-year old Nigerian man, Elisha Tari, on Monday said he stoned his two children, aged 3 and 5 to death for refusing to pronounce “God” as he instructed them.

    The incident happened at Himike village in the Michika Local Government Area of Adamawa State, North-east Nigeria.

    After his arrest by the police, Tari, a single parent and a local village musician, narrated, “It happened last Thursday, I was preparing their meal, I enquired to know if they had any idea when their mother would forgive me and return home to us; they kept mute.

    “I also asked them to repeat after me and pronounce “God”; they refused, instead they shouted “fire” and kept yelling “fire”, repeatedly.

    “I got provoked, coupled with the fact that their mother had been gone for over two months; leaving me all alone with all the frustrations of raising them.

    “I’ve tried several times to placate my wife to return home but was blocked by her parents.

    “In that terrible mood, I must confess I didn’t even know when I reached for stones and repeatedly stoned both of them, hitting their head to death,” he said.

    Asked if he was under a drug influence or something, Tari admitted, “I smoke Indian hemp, drink alcohol and inhale snuff. But I don’t do drug.”