My Secret To Our Their Successful Marriage Since 1974 – Charly Boy & Wife

    Charly Boy, a controversial artist, and his wife Lady Diane have shared the secret to their long-lasting relationship.

    The couple posted a video on Twitter discussing their marital problems and how they occasionally wanted to quit but decided to “manage” and carry on.

    They discussed some of the problems they have as a couple and how frequently they fight, claiming it has happened more than 5,000 times. “If he go rise we go manage am, if e no rise, we go manage am. Marriage na management,” they said.

    However, they decide to renew their vows and carry on rather than give up. Charly Boy and Lady D renewed their legal marriage vows in 2018.

    A well-known clergyman, Bishop Matthew Kukah, reportedly officiated the wedding.

    The legal marriage vows between Charly Boy and Lady D were renewed in 2018.

    Bishop Matthew Kukah, a well-known clergyman, reportedly officiated the wedding, according to sources.

    The two met in a hair shop in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1974, while he was getting his hair done.