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    Tyrese Gibson refuses to pay estranged wife spousal support in divorce

    The divorce proceedings of actor Tyrese Gibson and his estranged wife Samantha Lee took a different turn on Monday August 29.

    TMZ reported that things got heated in court on Monday as Samantha was grilled by Tyrese’s attorney, Tanya Mitchell Graham, about some of her expenses from 2 years ago, including $1,740 for cosmetics.

    At the hearing, Tyrese stated that he does not want to pay Samantha, 31, spousal support, and further requested that their prenup be enforced. He also requested joint physical and legal custody of their three-year-old daughter, Soraya Gibson, as well as final say on non-medical emergencies for the child.

    Tyrese Gibson

    Tyrese in court documents claimed that Samantha’s request for $20k in monthly child support, was ‘unreasonably high.’

    The actor who wants to keep their 2016 Range Rover, added that he is willing to let Samantha hang onto one of their SUVs: a 2017 Land Rover Discovery.  

    Samantha filed for divorce from the six-time Grammy nominee in September 2020, and claimed Tyrese had locked her out of the house. He has denied the accusation.  

    Tyrese who is also a musician pointed to ‘being raised in broken homes with with no example of what being a husband or father is’ as contributing to the demise of his second marriage and claimed ‘black families and marriages are under attack’ at the time. 

    He said in a separate statement that he and Samantha, who he met in 2015, will ‘remain the best of friends and strong co-parents.’ 

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