Trump lost all the 21 election fraud lawsuits they’ve filed since Election Day

    The Trump campaign and other Republican groups have mounted 21 legal challenges since Election Day, alleging “rigged” election marred by “major fraud” from Democrats.

    However, Trump has won none of the lawsuits.

    The lawsuits argue that states and counties have violated election laws.

    Republicans have filed the lawsuits in local, state, and federal courts in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, and Pennsylvania — all states that Biden won or is projected to win, according to Decision Desk HQ data published by Insider.

    The Trump campaign initially had a single win, when a Pennsylvania judge ruled on November 12 that first-time voters were supposed to confirm their IDs with county boards of election by November 9, rather than November 12. The decision opened the door to disqualify the ballots of people who didn’t verify their IDs in time. But the state Supreme Court later overturned that decision.

    That leaves Trump and other Republicans with 15 cases they have withdrawn or lost, and 6 that are still pending.

    By Murtala D.