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Saturday, December 4, 2021

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    Nigerians living abroad suffer the most – Man warns Nigerians

    A Nigerian man has issued a warning to Nigerians nursing the desire to travel abroad as he says that those living in foreign countries are suffering.

    The Twitter user with username @Thedotingfather, said people living abroad suffer the most, and he warned that those back home should not allow themselves be deceived.

    According to him, abroad-based people just upload beautiful pictures share stories about attractive salaries whereas they are actually living very distasteful lives.

    He wrote; ”Abroad people suffer the most, don’t let them deceive you with pictures and silly talk about their dream salaries.

    Most of these people in the f**king abroad live like a p*g. And most eat like sl*ves.

    I pity those that don’t know sha”

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