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    How to Overcome challenges

    That everything happens for a purpose is a statement of fact though one might not be opportune to know the exact cause or reason for what happened when it did but at the fullness of time, the real essence for that would manifest.

    Certain things happen that can challenge one’s faith and question the need for moral uprightness. Some things can become tough challenges with the propensity to bring about doubt in one’s position. At such instances emotional instability might set in, producing some state of uneasiness, confusion, sleeplessness, worries and fear which many have fallen victim to!

    When the unexpected happens, on the negative path, one may succumb to emotions and shed tears. Under such conditions, stark reality would triumph over theoretical fabrication that emotional maturity could give way to emotional breakdown. This is what happens when you see a man crying like a baby as he could not understand why such fate should befall him. Well, it is part of the challenges of life.

    Challenge is a necessity in life – and to live fully, one would encounter more challenges and possibly tougher ones. In other words, being cautious and treading always with care cannot insulate one from problems. Certain things are beyond human understanding and control.

    Problem is an integral part of the living process. Whether we like it or not, with or without our consent, problems would come but embraced with a winner’s mindset, they have ways of bringing out the best in us. And the bitter truth is that we need problems to grow and maximize our potential.

    Trouble has a way of leading into the other path of discovery. A troubled mind can think zigzagly and sometimes act irrationally but such behavior could bring about a total turn around. The end of a conscious mood swing can bring about an unexpected radical consciousness for an uncommon breakthrough. At tough times, tough people think abnormally and come out with something new. It pays to become tougher to handle and solve tough challenges. To become great, develop the attitude to demystify the mystery and the myth of troubles.

    Be prepared and expectant. Welcome every eventuality, and then go out to turn it around for good. It is your determination that will define your work and it is your work that can design a glorious life for you. Engage yourself. Work the work.

    In every circumstance, motivate yourself and look for the best. Be a source of inspiration and inspire yourself too. Don’t take ‘No’ for an answer even if it is the only option. Don’t succumb to intimidation or give in to their gang up. If you look deep, you will see the rays of light even in the darkest of darkness.

    Cry when it is inevitable but at the end, pick up the pieces and move on. Being alive is proof that you can overcome that seemingly impossibility. Just try without giving up. Keep pushing without looking back. Every effort produces results. That challenge may be the best thing that ever happened to you so embrace it.

    When you become an object for public attack, may be out of complex or sheer envy, don’t lose focus instead be encouraged and do more. It is because you do what they cannot imagine or think of that they attack you. Growth brings about opposition; success attracts envy.

    Funny as it may sound, you are not just the prayer point of some people but you continually remain the agendum for their secret meetings. However, as long as your hands are clean, any person or group of persons that gang up against you will go down into the bottomless pit and anyone that digs a pit for you will be buried in that same pit. Related Posts

    Nobody can waste time talking about failures. They discuss you because you have what they don’t have; they attack you because they feel threatened by your towering achievements. They steal and destroy your property because they find it difficult to understand why you do the things you do so they felt the only way you can be at the same level with them is by destroying your investments but that is the worst mistake they have made for any person or group of persons that directly or indirectly steal or destroy your property for no just cause will live a miserable life and beg to die.

    Oh every loss comes with some degree of pains, and it pains to the marrow seeing one’s labour destroyed out of wickedness but it is not the end of the world. Pick up the pieces, dust yourself and move on. At worst, assume that you are starting all over again. You will get to the top.

    However long a cow constipates, it won’t have the size of a goat. Despite the fact that every wicked act has consequences that must come to pass, you will remain better than the person that stole from you.

    They did it for evil and might have rejoiced for going without being apprehended but that’s a big lie. As long as the covenant of day and night remains, the wickedness of the wicked shall find them. Therefore, anyone that is directly or indirectly involved in evil will not go unpunished. People reap what they sowed at the appointed time. They will live miserably and beg to die for as they cut short the flow of someone’s prosperity so will their lives be cut short. Nothing they do will prosper.

    The mischievous geriatric that supervised the digging of a shallow grave by his window side, who was he thinking will be buried in it?

    Were you to receive what you wished for others, what would have been your wishes? Treated the way you treat others, how would you feel? Think right. Keep your focus. Act right. However tempting, don’t use evil to fight another evil. The consequences may be much.

    The people will continue to suffer whose members sabotage their collective efforts for selfish reasons, but the ones with a penchant for betrayal will bear the worst loss.

    Resolve to see setbacks as opportunities and you will have cause to triumph over challenges, however, daunting or difficult such may be. Be a goal-getter.

    In genuine pursuit of your ambition, may you not suffer the consequences of what you know nothing about, and may Nature fight for you when they gang up against you!

    Source: Livy-Elcon Emereonye

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