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    Groom and Bride set themselves on fire during wedding (video)

    A newlywed couple shocked their guests when they set themselves on fire during their wedding send off.

    Ambyr Bambyr and Gabe Jessop, who are professional stunt artists, treated their guests to a “Hunger Games”-style wedding ceremony.

    After their reception, they exited in flames, just like Suzanne Collins’ character Katniss does in Hunger Games.

    The couple donned fire-proof gowns and suits and anti-burn gel, before walking onto the field with burning flames on their back.

    Ambyr holds her bouquet up like the Olympic torch, while husband Gabe waves to their guests.
    In a video taken by one of their guests, Russ Powell, he joked: “Ambyr and Gabe met on set, their wedding exit makes sparklers look boring.”

    Some were surprised the couple’s hair and skin didn’t get burned and Russ replied to them: “They both had anti-burn gel in their hair and face, then Ambyr had a wig on top.

    “Remember, these are trained professionals, don’t try this at home.”

    Watch the video below.


    Ambyr & Gabe met on set. Their wedding exit makes sparklers look boring 🔥

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