Do you Know that Dangote Refinery Exports Jet Fuel to Europe?

    In a landmark achievement, Nigeria’s Dangote refinery has exported its first shipment of jet fuel to Europe, marking a significant milestone in the global energy market.

    The 45,000-metric-ton cargo, transported by BP’s Doric Breeze, signals the refinery’s rapid expansion into the international market.

    This breakthrough comes after the refinery’s successful export of six cargoes of jet fuel/kerosene to West African countries since April.

    With its 650,000-barrels-per-day capacity, the refinery is poised to become a major player in the global energy market.

    While European traders have expressed concerns about the potential impact on the saturated market, the refinery’s expansion is expected to reshape global energy dynamics.

    As the refinery ramps up production, it may soon become a net jet fuel exporter, further solidifying Nigeria’s position in the global energy landscape.