Boris Johnson warming up to reclaim his office from Liz Truss

    The predecessor to Prime Minister Liz Truss, former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, is aspiring to come back to succeed his successor who resigned from office on Thursday. Johnson on Friday got several  nominations from Conservative Member of Parliament as the race to succeed British Prime Minister Liz Truss began.

    Former finance minister Sunak was also identified as a major contender and an early favourite to succeed Truss. The MP had cautioned of the disastrous consequences of Truss’s debt-fuelled tax promises.

    Jonhson who left Downing Street amidst misconduct scandal is perceived to be making a dramatic comeback effort to reclaim the office he had abused.

    Conservative party members had announced a rigid election process, requiring candidates to gather 100 nominations from colleagues by Monday afternoon, in preparation for  another possible vote of members next Friday if two contenders remain in the race.

    Truss had announced on Thursday that she will resign after 45 days in office.