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    21 reasons why Peter Obi should be elected as next president of Nigeria

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    Some supporters of the presidential candidate of the Labour Party of Nigeria, Mr Peter Obi have advanced 21 reasons why he should be elected as the next president of Nigeria.

    However, below are the 21 reasons.

    1. Nigeria is tired of gerentocracy. Youths need young and open minds in governance.

    2. Obi is doing the unpopular and deviating from the corrupt norms of money politics, arson, hooliganism, gerrymandering, and political thuggery.

    3. Obi has proven himself to be a lover of the common man that constitute 70% of Nigeria’s population.

    4. Obi is calm in the face of accusation even when it comes from a respected cleric, showing that Obi has character.

    5. Obi is well read and his education is beyond papers. He applies what he has studied.

    6. Obi has track records of not chickening out when odds are against him.

    7. Obi is clean so no one can bring up any justifiable accusations against him.

    8. Obi is not after public funds, he would rather spend his income for the public.

    9. Obi is a democrat. He upholds egalitarianism, the rule of law, and constitutionalism.

    10. Obi is a level 5 leader whom people follow for who he is, not just for what he gives to people

    11. Obi represents hope to Nigerians as Obama did to America in the days of Economic depression.

    12. Obi is compassionate. He feels the pains of the masses.

    13. Obi is solid in his conviction. That’s why he left PDP and didn’t even look for a bigger political party to join.

    14. Obi will win if all the candidates are judged based on their personal merit.

    15. Obi knows the things that matter: Education, Infrastructure, Security, Human Capital Development, Justice, Wealth creation, and Equitable Income Distribution.

    16. Obi is humble, and God lifts the humble

    17. Obi has no ethnic bias: he will unite Nigeria and carry everyone along.

    18. Obi is a secure leader who is not afraid of gathering a team of technocats who can challenge him. Take a look at the pedigree of his running mate.

    19. Obi has the trust of Nigerians. Who is qualified to lead when the led don’t trust them?

    20. Obi has a vision for the future compared to some of his counterparts whose only agenda is that it’s their turn to rule.

    21. Obi is energetic and ready to work. Leadership requires a sound mind on a strong body.

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