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Friday, May 14, 2021

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    Dr. #Pantami should resign as Minister — Moghalu

    In a series of tweets on Saturday, Moghalu said Pantami should “never have scaled the vetting process and approved for that office.”

    Moghalu said the presidency exhibited double standards as Kemi Adeosun, former minister of finance, was made to resign for a wrongdoing in her past.

    He said: “I have refrained so far from commenting on the #Pantami controversy. From information available, anyone can a mistake and has the right to recant from it.

    “But when the evidence shows that a serving minister of Nigeria has expressed open support for global terrorist groups, he should never have scaled the vetting process and approved for that office.”

    He added: “The implication of the timing of Pantami’s recanting of his views now is that he has been serving as a minister while presumably still harbouring those views.

    “His disagreement with Boko Haram does not absolve him of, at the very least, moral culpability for supporting Al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

    “For this reason, Pantami should not continue to serve as a minister. For him to remain in his position and for presidency to support this is to tell Nigerians that we have two sets of standards from the very same government, one for the likes of former Finance Minister Kemi Adeosun who had to resign for a wrongdoing in her past, and another for Pantami.

    “This position of presidency undermines public accountability as well as Nigeria’s struggle against terrorism.

    Other Nigerians who took to the media to express their views accused the Presidency of indirectly supporting terrorism.

    Adenekan Mayowa said: “According to Garba Shehu, it is about forgiving people’s past mistakes & crimes. Kidnapper Evans has been in the prison & has on national TV shown remorse for his past deeds. Please when is Buhari releasing him? “Just as Pantanmi, Evans has changed too.”

    Tope Femi stated: “@GarShehu, so you could prefer terrorist comment to a forged certificate? Both are bad, both are supposed to face justice. With intelligent view, terrorism is evil and more dangerous than forgery. Both are unacceptable.”

    Tifase Oladayo posited that “This government kept on setting new erroneous standard day in day out with no principle guiding decision making. One rule for the likes of Kemi Adeosun and another for the Pantamis. So erratic in words & action so much anything detrimental to national peace is possible with them.”

    Sodiq Tade said: “Forgery is greater than terrorism. In order to justify Pantami’s past actions, the lousy Garba Shehu goofed. This is the new Nigeria where forgery poses more threat to national unity than terrorism.”

    Vivian Umukoro argued: “How can forgery be greater than terrorism? Garba Shehu is the worst of them all. Thank goodness, nobody can bribe God.”

    Femi Coker said: “Greater crime and smaller crime. This is coming from the spokesman of a president? Crime is crime.

    “Are we saying that if Kemi Adeosun is reinstated then this all goes away? We are talking about terrorism here. Bringing up Kemi Adeosun’s case is like watering down the issue.” Moses Mudiaga queried.

    By Hajia R.

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